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Our money transfer solution is everything you need to run your money transfer business.

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Wow your customers with
own-branded app and website

Users of our money transfer system get their own custom-branded website, as well as iOS and Android mobile app.
Having your own mobile and website for your customers means:

  • A new sales channel

    Every time your customers use your app or website, it's another chance to provide them with useful information - including promotions, offers and new products or services you'd like them to consider.

  • Better user experience

    Our app comes with a sophisticated UX designed, which makes it easier for your customers to use. That concludes happier, more frequent users with a positive perception of your business.

  • Better customer engagement

    There is a reason we text rather than call these days. Customers are much keener to communicate via app than reaching out by phone or email. A mobile app means your business is always just a finger tap away.

  • Better brand visibility

    Your clients see your brand every day on their mobile devices.


How far is the nearest remittance point?

By using REMITEC money transfer software, clients can rapidly expand agents’ network and provide many outlets for remitters and beneficiaries.

Our customer portal and our mobile application modules will offer the best way to allow your customers to create them on remittances in a few steps at no extra cost.

Please check the image layers on mobile:


How quickly will I be served?

Our money transfer systems enable faster creation, management and processing of transactions to
ensure a smooth end-user experience, all due to
our automated process.


How long will it take my money to reach its destination?

Our money transfer systems allows instant transmission of data and significantly faster processing with far less scope for error.

Features Highlight

Easy to use Easy to use

Not much training needed to become an expert with our software. Remitec is a very easy to use and the most intuitive software out there.

Customisable and Brandable Customisable and Brandable

Remitec is a white labelled bespoke software, which can be customized to fit your needs and your likings. You will have your own app (iOS/Android) with your own brand.

Money Laundry Protection Money Laundry Protection

There are several features built into the REMITEC systems to ensure optimum security and minimise risks linked to KYC and AML compliance. Every transaction is checked against sanctions lists such as OFAC, UK Treasure and EU sanction list.

CRM & Promotions Loyalty CRM & Promotions Loyalty

Find new customers using our smart and intelligent marketing tool. Create engaging emails with dynamic content and A/B testing to increase their effectiveness, then track where prospects come from so you can measure marketing ROI.

Customer web portal and mobile app Customer web portal and mobile app

Customers can send money via web or via mobile phone. Your customers will be able to create beneficiaries, send money and check the status of any order they have and the most important they can pay with debits and credit cards.

Security Security

All transactions and customers information is protected In our servers, we are using the best solution available today "Microsoft Azure".

Our Clients

Other Features

  • API

    Connect your system through an API with any other software. We can export your payments details to any payer you have via API, FTP, TXT files, etc.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Operate in more countries with more agents.

  • Flexible Commission and Fees Management

    Quick and easy control of your fees and commissions.

  • FX Rates Management and Live feeding

    Stay on top of your FX rate.

  • Inquiry Management

    Operate an effective complaints handling process.

  • Compliance- Sanctions Screening

    Check Sanction lists on UK Treasury, EU Sanctions and OFAC to keep your business on the right side of anti-money laundering regulations.

  • Voucher Campaign

    Create Campaigns to send vouchers to your clients.

  • Voucher Express

    Send a voucher express with better rates, fee-free or a credit to your clients in the blink of an eye.

  • Card Payments

    Give your customers the best way to pay for their own transfers wherever they are. We can integrate our system with any Payment Gateway you have.

  • User Access Policy

    Create group access to control what your users can see and from where they can access the system with IP address restrictions.

  • EMAIL, SMS and Push Notifications

    Chose the quicker way to contact your customers, keep all the remittance process up-to-date

How it works

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We believe that Remitec is the real fully integrated and complete solution for MSBs. Get in touch today and try our software with no commitment.